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School Choice

LISA Academy is, simply put, different than other schools.

 Oh no, not a “twilight zone” different, nor an unsavory, undesirable different.  LISA Academy is set apart from most other public schools in the area, with a quirky, individual formula that—for lack of a better term—just works. I suppose you’re looking for some sort of convincing personal anecdote.  Well, I have a long one.

As an 8th grade student on the cusp of leaving her purely private school background, there was one, and only one, place I wanted to be: Little Rock Central High. I had previously attended PA (for the sake of this blog post, the name of this school among others are in initials), a Little Rock private prep school that took you from Pre-k to your cap and gown. The school had a reputation for being one of the “snobbiest” around; my middle school years were spent at its Catholic school equivalent, HSS.

That being said, I had two choices for my high school education: Central High or Mount Saint Mary, the all-girl’s parochial school. The two main concerns for my parents? Quality of education and safety. My concerns? Meet new people and…well, that was pretty much it.  The logical choice to get what I wanted was Central, a real high school experience; my parents were in favor of the security that thousands in tuition could buy.

But what does this have to do with LISA? I’m getting to that.

Middle school was nothing short of miserable.  I had lost my close circle of friends, had fallen into a “bad crowd”, cared not a thing about my less-than-stellar marks, and most important of all, I was perpetually unhappy.  By the end of 8th grade, I wanted no more than to leave. A four-year tenure at the Mount would lead to more years spent with some of the girls who had ostracized me, and was most definitely not my first choice. I wanted to go far away, off to a school that I could at last have the new start I desired. When I had received Central High’s orientation letter in the mail, I could almost taste my dream coming true. That is, until my mother told me that I had been selected to attend LISA Academy. At that moment, the choice was clear. It was out of my hands.

At first, I wasn’t too keen on spending the next four years of my life at LISA. And yet, four years later and mere months away from graduation, I couldn’t really wish for anything else. It was clear from the first day of my freshman year that I was genuinely happy with where I’d been. For the first time, I had been in a culturally diverse school—being of a racially-mixed background, this was important not only to me but my family as well. The kids at LISA were different, a league of their own in comparison to others I had come across. They’re almost unreal. They formed a fully functioning student body, one that I could finally be a part of; I’ve even found my best and closest friends there.

As cliched as it sounds, I had literally turned life around. I was once an apathetic student on the cusp of failure. Starting with 9th grade, I began building my confidence, and from there I drew my new found academic and personal successes.

So. There you have it. LISA Academy is a community. A relatively healthy community that, unlike many other schools, has a network of students and teachers that provides not only a safe place to attain a great education: strong relationships that very well may change your life.